Where to buy a used Porsche 911

If you are in the market for an older Porsche 911 for example, then the best place to start would be at an Official Porsche Center ( OPC'S ). The initial benefits for this are that any Porsche purchased through these centers come with 2 year warranties, and are prepared and held to the high Porsche Standards. It is good to note that One warranty claim can be a factor on price when buying from an Official or an Independent dealer, so be sure to consider the savings carefully if this is important part of your decision making process.

Older 911s don' t fit with the OPC Image, so if your heart is set on one of these models then you will be making your purchase privately, at an independent dealer or at an auction house. Lets dig in to these options below and what you can expect from the process.

Buying A Porsche 911 At An Auction House

There can be more negatives than positives when choosing this route for your purchase. Auctions are cheaper by nature, but as you know Porsche 911 are highly prized by the industry, and your purchase more than likely will come with its share of unseen issues. Hundreds of Porsche 911's have been purchased at auctions, but this is not the best way to buy. There are exceptions, though few and far between such as, Dry State Car in Dry State Sale or using this option to purchase salvaged for parts and repair.

Buying Porsche From Private Seller

To those newer to this process, private sellers will come across as very knowledgeable and friendly, but what wont be know to you is that many times this seller has ran their dream 911 on a very limited budget, and are getting out while the going is good. This isn't always the case, but you don't want to inherit problems, so if possible bring someone along who can assist with a pre-purchase inspection when buying an older 911, if this is an available option.

Buying Privately Owned Porsche On Consignment or SOR Through a Dealer

Independent dealers with a good selection of 911's do not always own the Models they are selling. You will find that many are SOR ( Sale or Return ) or are Consignment from private sellers. This can be a risk due to the fact that they may say something to the nature of " we don't own the car so it is a private sale therefore no Sales of Goods Protection Act applies" This is untrue, and the dealer could be held liable for anything you choose to redress under the act, unless of course you sign something like "this is a trade sale: no warranty or protection implied" Whatever you do, don't sign anything like that!

Buying a Porsche 911 From an Independent Trade Seller: Retail

When using a trade seller, the best ones will have a reputation to protect, so they will likely only handle the best cars and will support an inclusive warranty. Some may even have a transferrable Porsche warranty, but you will need to ensure that the aftermarket warranty will help once the original manufacturers one expires.

Older models are not always covered by these warranties, so try to get an independent inspection done prior to purchase on any 911, whoever the seller. Trusted independent dealers like JZM Porsche are happy to put one of theirs on the ramp so it can be checked out before purchase.

If you need help with inspections or have any questions stop by the shop or send a message.

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