Porsche 911 Pre- Purchase Inspection and Why You Must Get One

Being so enthralled at finally being able to drive a Porsche 911 as a new owner can lead to oversights when purchasing and blind you to unforeseen bad news. Bad 911's can break even the most concrete bank accounts due to making an expensive mistake. Cover your bases and pay for a pre purchase inspection , which on average will set you back about $250, from a qualified reputable independent mechanic or dealer, but will be worth avoiding the potential heartache in the long run. With the goal in mind here of helping a reader about to embark on the his or her first purchase of an older Porsche we have covered below what you can expect from the process and why is must be done.

What is a Pre Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed report about the cosmetic, mechanical and safety condition of the Porsche you are interested in purchasing.

Industry experts can all usually agree that to avoid purchasing a poorly maintained car or succumbing to other buying pitfalls, a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified Porsche mechanic before purchasing a used Porsche vehicle is a must.

Buying a Used Porsche Long Distance or Without a Warranty

If you plan on buying a used Porsche long distance (located in another city/state) or without a warranty, it is definitely a MUST that you get a pre-purchase inspection. Major risk is at stake if not.

With so many websites and apps platforms connecting consumers with the cars they desire, out of state, many more clients are buying vehicles long distance these days, buyers need to make sure they are getting what they're paying for.

The most common mistake buyers make is not having inspection reports and the title work on the car they are looking to buy reviewed by an expert before they purchase the vehicle. If you have the option it is helpful to have someone that knows what to ask on behalf of the buyer prior to purchase.

It is true that anyone can do their homework before they buy a vehicle, which is good and part of the process, but there is so much more to make sure the buyer is protected when spending thousands of dollars on a used vehicle.

The seller should be willing to let you have a pre-purchase inspection done prior to buying it, if not, then that is a red flag and they’re likely hiding something from you about the Porsche.

Pre Purchase Checklist

Once your potential used Porsche is being inspected by a Porsche service provider, it’s common for a few minor flaws to show up on the pre-purchase inspection. Finding these minor flaws can actually help in the overall price negotiation process if you do buy the used vehicle.

Take your car to a qualified Porsche mechanic before buying.

A thorough inspection should cover over 125 items in the following areas (not limited to):

  • Overall condition of the Porsche

  • Visual problems with the body and frame

  • Leaks and broken components

  • Engine analysis and problems

  • Road test

The following past problems can be identified by a qualified Porsche mechanic while inspecting the vehicle:

  • Frame damage

  • Poor repair work

  • Car previously owned by a smoker

  • Flood damage

Prices vary from Porsche shop to Porsche shop and are dependent on how thorough of a pre-purchase inspection you choose for your potential Porsche. The more detailed and extensive an inspection, the more it will cost you - but the more it could save you in the long run.

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