A Buyers Guide To Porsche 911

For someone new to the world of Porsche, knowing what 911 model to purchase as a first time buyer can be a daunting experience. This article aims to help the reader familiarize themselves with all the Porsche 911 models, and will also cover which model you should buy.

The Porsche 911 is known and revered around the world as one of the best sports cars. Over time this iconic model has been featured in many shows and movies, as well as being the choice car for celebrities all over. One thing these owners no doubt have in common is the memories they all cherish from the driving experiences the 911 has provided them. However it is also known as the Polariser of motoring opinion due to the fact that if you purchase a bad one you will want to bury it, if you purchase a great one you will wan to be buried in it!

Which leads us to the first question of this piece.

What Porsche 911 should you buy ?

Due to its longevity on the production line, dating back to 1963, buyers have a plethora of Porsche 911 s to choose from. Statistics tell us that four seaters have the highest volume production, where as the famous flat six boxer engine has always been at the back.

First choice is Classic or Modern. All models are fast enough to use as a daily driver, but when damp weather sets in, those with earlier models that are poorly ventilated will bring compromise. Later models can be nicer to drive, as standard they come with PAS, ABS AND A/C. Best advice is to test drive as many as you can.

With so many models and all with different model numbers how do you know which is which.

911 Porsche Model Numbers Broken Down

Individual Model Series in the long running 911 line are known by their Porsche type number. As follows:

1963-1973: Early 911s ( metal bumpers ) These are know by the anoraks as the " real classic"Anything after 1973 is not considered a true classic

1974-1989: Impact- Bumper 911 ( Painted Alluminum Bumpers )

1989-1993: 964 911 ( Plastic Bumpers, old style body )

1993-1998: 993 911 ( Plastic Bumpers, Lying down headlamps)

1998-2005: 996 911 ( Fried egg headlamps, water cooled engines )

2005-2001: 997 911 ( round headlamps, water cooled )

2011 and on: New 911, known as 991

Porsche Coupe vs Targa

There are those that believe the 911 coupe is the only true 911, this is not the case, and every owner has his or her preference. Below are some specs:

Coupe; Classic roofline, best Chassis stiffness, most models come with Four seats

Classic Targa: Classic Targa looks aesthically cheaper than the Coupe, as open center top portion, connoisseur appeal and Four seats

Glass Top Targa: Sliding glass panel gives panoramic view, Four seats and interesting hatchback feature

Convertible / Cabriolet: Full drop top, can be purchased for less than Targa, provides more noise experience for the driver, offer year round capability with multi layer top and complete with Four seats

Speedster: Visually fantastic, if you are in a hurry, save some time showering and have the top down in the rain!

If a 911 is your dream car check out where to buy your Porsche 911

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