What is the difference between a ground up and frame off restoration?

Ground up restoration is where you keep the car pretty much assembled, and perform body work and painting. Possibly replacing trim, lights, break components and interior. If required the drive-line might be replaced or repaired..

Whereas a frame off restoration usually involves tearing the car completely apart removing the fenders, doors, engine and drive-line usually removing and replacing interior components and taking the car body off of the frame for a framed vehicle, and removing all suspension and body bracing components.

Then usually the individual pieces are cleaned repaired, painted and then the vehicle is reassembled using new mounting hardware such as bushing, bolts, body mounts. Until the car is whole complete and drivable again.

Personalized Autohaus specializes in Ground Up Restorations. To book a free consulattion visit our contact page or simply drop by.

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