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Personalized Autohaus is family owned & operated Porsche Oil Change and maintenance services shop based in San Diego providing maintenance and repairs for Porsche Models dated from 1951-1997.    We are industry experts and  experienced specialists who have been serving on Porsches for over 30 years. 

Our mechanics are restoration experts and have a Our team of mechanics have almost a combined 100 years of experience working with all types of Porsche.   If you want to enjoy the highest level of performance and efficiency from your vehicle, regular Porsche oil changes are a requirement. This is especially true for Porsche vehicles; however, it’s crucial that you’re careful who you trust with the task of servicing your vehicle. Personalized Autohaus will be with every step of the way, and shares your commitment and enthusiasm.  


We believe transparency, combined with our team of friendly professional  mechanics and their extensive experience,  we will be able to earn your trust for the project at hand.  Every project will need an eye for detail, from minor repairs to full restorations, our team will not rest until we have crafted your Porsche that will either be equal to, or will exceed factory specifications. It is with dedication and honor that we will aim to make the journey memorable. 

Why Are Porsche Oil Changes Important?

While it may seem like a tedious task, getting regular oil changes is extremely important to your vehicle’s overall health. If your oil gets too low or too cloudy, you could see a significant drop in the performance of your vehicle. When you go for an oil change, our Porsche specialists will check your oil levels, drain the oil, replace the oil filter with a clean and lubricated one, and refill with synthetic oil. The This fairly simple process helps to keep your vehicle running efficiently, smoothly, and safely. The San Diego Porsche community is aware of the high standards Personalized Autohaus maintain since the day we opened. If you’re ready to give your Porsche the pick-me-up it needs with a fresh oil change, come visit our mechanic team at Personalized Autohaus, and we’ll help get you serviced and back onto the road. We’re located at 8645 Commerce Avenue. San Diego, Ca 92121.

. To schedule a service appointment over the phone, contact our service team at (858) 586-7771 today!  We treat the cars as if they belong to us, thus ensuring the only the best craftmanship from start to finish.

Porsche Oil Change and Break Checks

  • Calendar Based Services (Brakes Fluid & Antifreeze Flush)

  • Brakes (Including ABS) and Suspension

  • Pre-purchase Inspection

  • Brakes (Pagid Racing Pads), Brake Cooling Systems


  • Race Car Construction, Full Race Prep and Mentoring

  • Quaife Limited Slip Differentials & Twin-Plug Engines

  • Custom Gear Ratios for Specific Track Needs

  • Race Car Transport Locally and Nationally

  • Arrive and Drive Plans

Some Recent Completed Projects


"You have performed flawless work on my 356 porsches over the years.  Most recently my 1957 speedster, engine, trans, new wiring harness, brakes. Total rebuild of all components about three years ago and all are working wonderfully. Keep up the good work."
Thanks, Mike, San Diego

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"Our family has been Porsche owners for over 45 years. When we found Wayne Baker at Personalized Autohaus to service and maintain our cars, we discovered a truly gifted Porsche pro. Wayne and his staff use their mechanical skills and experienced insight to fix even the most difficult automotive problems. They're the best!"
C.P., Chula Vista

"Thanks to Nancy, Wayne and the crew who made my old, rusty wreck to a better-than-new 58 Speedster. I have the feeling it is a real enthusiast behind all the work."
J.N., Stockholm, Sweden

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  Personalized Autohaus Inc.

  8645 Commerce Avenue

   San Diego, CA 92121

   Phone (858) 586-7771 

    Fax (858) 586-1669
    E-mail: waynebaker@earthlink.net

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